SAP Integration Freshservice and Freshdesk

Most of the work has already been done by the AddOn before you have sent the ticket.


Are you and your users tired of having to make countless entries for a ticket that you don't even understand?
When you have an issue you want to get to your goal with few entries ... With our tw.sapaddon you can request support with minimal effort.


Both the installation and the operation of the AddOn is easy and intuitive. We don't want to keep you from your work with huge manuals and eternal installation routines.


tw.sapaddon extends the functionality of Freshworks' two service tools Freshdesk and Freshservice.
SAP Support becomes a new experience.


The most important additional information is automatically compiled in the background and attached to the ticket. The user does not have to take care of this and the support team has the information they need.

time saving

Your service desk staff can get started immediately because they are fully informed and do not have to make time-consuming queries when new tickets arrive.


With our interesting packages you are on the safe side and profit from inclusive services.

Concentrate on the essential and let the AddOn do the work for you.

Prices and packages

Attractive services at fair prices. Get an overview here and take 21 days time to test in the free trial phase.

Note: Should you pay by credit card, you must necessarily deposit a credit card. However, the card is only authorized. Settled only after the end of the trial phase. 


For smaller enterprises
per month
  • 50 tickets/month
  • From the 51st ticket €1/ticket
  • Support 5x9 *
  • 1 SAP system landscape


For medium enterprises
per month
  • 150 tickets/month
  • From the 151st ticket €0.75/ticket
  • Support 5x9 *
  • Setup intial 1 hr.
  • Reporting yearly
  • Downgrade possible after 3 months
  • Up to 3 SAP system landscapes


For Enterprise customers
per month
  • 500 tickets/month
  • From the 501st ticket €0.50/ticket
  • Support 7x24
  • Setup initial 4 hrs.
  • Reporting monthly
  • Service Sessions yearly
  • Customer-specific ticket fields in SAP
  • Downgrade possible after 6 months
  • Number of SAP system landscapes unlimited

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